Wealth Management Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Cherry Tree Wealth Management (CTW) is different from most investment advisors. We employ an investment philosophy based on years of academic research and we implement this philosophy by utilizing low cost, tax efficient, diversified passive asset class funds which have many advantages over most popular active management styles. We avoid the uncompensated risk that comes with active stock picking and undiversified mutual funds.


We believe that markets are efficient and that over time, riskier assets provide a higher expected return. We design sophisticated, passive portfolios with an emphasis toward small companies and value companies, which have historically paid long term return premiums. Since we expect the equity portion of a portfolio to provide growth, we use high quality, short term bonds for portfolio stability. Finally, we enhance after-tax returns with proactive tax management because we realize that you can only spend after-tax investment returns.


When managing your financial portfolio, we offer a wealth management approach based on our fiduciary relationship with you as your trusted investment advisor. We are concerned about our client’s money as if it were our own, and never put our client’s money into any investment products that we would not put ourselves or our families into. Our relationships are based upon trust, openness, and confidentiality, and we delight in being accessible and helpful.


We are in the business of providing wealth management and counsel. Because of our experience and longevity in the business, we are often asked for advice in areas that extend beyond just investment management including legacy planning, tax planning, insurance planning, risk management, or business continuity planning. Our goal is to be a trusted family advisor to our clients both in portfolio management in the broader areas of finance that interest you. We become your Trusted Financial Partner.