Strategic Advisory
Our experience with entrepreneurially-managed companies and depth of transaction knowledge offers our clients deep insight and broad experience that can be customized to their specific situations.

Strategic Advisory

Cherry Tree provides a number of strategic advisory services to management teams and boards of directors. We advise companies on their strategic alternatives, evaluate transaction opportunities, identify adjacent and growing market segments, develop and execute M&A and financing strategies, and design and execute liquidity and exit plans. We advise business leaders of small private companies to help build, finance and eventually sell their businesses.

Our strategic advisory services include:

Strategic alternatives
Adjacency analysis
Board/special committee advisory
Corporate governance

Why Choose Us?

Our Managing Directors have been involved in over 300 transactions over the last 35 years. It is hard to come up with a transaction type with which we have not had direct experience: mergers & acquisitions on both the sell-side and buy-side, private placements, initial public offerings, public company auctions, strategic acquisitions for operating companies, business consolidations and roll-ups, sales of intellectual property, sales of non-core business units, debt placements and re-negotiations, international transactions, and many others. Experience and longevity are the hallmarks of Cherry Tree.
The Managing Partners at Cherry Tree have invested in over 100 businesses as Private Equity and Venture Capital investors. They have relationships with many private equity buyers and investors and have built a keen understanding of how decisions are made in today’s world of partnerships. When representing our clients in a sale of a business, having Cherry Tree on your team gives you a leg up in negotiations — it helps to have previously walked in the buyers/investors shoes.
Our client teams are led by Managing Directors. Every transaction has an experienced M&A executive leading the process, negotiating with the buyers, and interfacing directly with you. They are active, involved, and committed to give you the best possible advice about your business, and get you the best possible value in your transaction.
Unlike many investment banks, our Managing Directors are not just financial engineers. Most have worked in industry as CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, or Business Development Managers. They know what it takes to both grow a business and to meet its payroll. Additionally, many of our key people have been directors of successful operating companies and understand the importance of collaboration and information flow when critical decisions are being made.