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Cherry Tree produces e-newsletters/quarterly reports in the following industry sectors: Technology Enabled Business Services, Education For-Profit, Information Technology Services and Industrial Products & Services.

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The Education For-Profit monthly e-newsletter monitors M&A, financings, and valuations in the Pre-K-12, Postsecondary, Corporate Training, and Education Products and Services Providers segments. For-profit education currently comprises more than 10% of the roughly $1 trillion that is spent on education in the U.S. annually, and this percentage is growing. Cherry Tree created the Education For-Profit 50 Index representing a group of publicly traded for-profit education companies.

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Chad Johnson
Managing Director, Investment Banking
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The TEBS e-newsletters and quarterly updates are focused on the Technology Enabled Business Services (TEBS) space, which Cherry Tree divides into four segments: Software, Business Process Services, Information Services and Infrastructure Services. Each issue of the newsletter highlights transactions involving TEBS companies. Quarterly updates include detailed operating and valuation metrics of the TEBS 100, an index of 100 publicly-traded TEBS companies.

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Recent TEBS Quarterly Updates
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Mik Gusenius
Director, Investment Banking
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Cherry Tree & Associates tracks key macro-economic statistics, performance data, valuation metrics, and M&A trends for the global diversified industrials market. The Industrial Products & Services report, released quarterly, monitors hundreds of public companies whose trends affect middle-market companies.

Quarterly Reports
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Dave Latzke
Managing Director, Investment Banking
Cherry Tree & Associates, LLC
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The Consumer Sector M&A report provides the latest facts and figures about the economy with a focus on: C0nsumer Products, Food and Beverage, and Direct-to-Consumer. Each issue includes M&A transactions, public company valuation data plus a few thought-provoking articles about M&A and the Consumer Sector.

Consumer Reports

Steve Ruelle
Managing Director, Investment Banking
Cherry Tree & Associates, LLC
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The IT services industry M&A report is focused on the major segments of this dynamic and growing market: Consulting, Outsourcing, Systems Integration, Staffing, and Security. Emerging segments like Outsourced Product Development and Digital Agencies are covered as well. Each issue includes a quarterly summary commentary on M&A trends, highlights notable transactions involving IT services companies and the IT Services Performance Index, representing a group of 60 publicly traded companies.

IT Services Reports
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Elmer Baldwin
Managing Director, Investment Banking
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PERSPECTIVE NORTH–North Central USA Viewpoint

Our Perspective North newsletter plans to provide business commentary and information of interest to promote discussion and good decision-making.

John Bergstrom
Managing Director, Investment Banking
Cherry Tree & Associates, LLC
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