Cherry Tree is a premier investment banking and wealth management firm focusing on the middle market. Established in 1980, the firm has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where it specializes in providing M&A and other financial advisory services to business owners, financial sponsors, family offices, and large corporations.

Welcome to Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree & Associates (located in Minneapolis, MN) provides investment banking services through our FINRA-licensed broker dealer. Its M&A practice targets successful business leaders and established corporations to creatively build value, and to maximize liquidity opportunities by executing professionally managed transactions. Additionally, our firm raises money for growth companies through institutional private placements, conducts valuations and fairness opinions, and performs strategic advisory services that help companies grow and prosper.

Cherry Tree Wealth Management (CTW), provides wealth management services to assist successful business leaders and families in managing their net worth. It also manages 401K retirement plans for growing companies. CTW uses Asset Allocation Strategies and low fee index funds, to implement an Individually Tailored Investment Plan for each client. Cherry Tree Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor.

Cherry Tree Overview

Our mission is simply to help business owners and executives get where they want to go. This may mean engagements to create liquidity through a strategic sale or recapitalization, advice and help in funding growth strategies, assistance in acquiring other businesses, technical help in valuing companies and wealth management services to manage and grow net worth. Cherry Tree prides itself in maintaining an approachable, adaptive and supportive culture for both our clients and employees.
Our overriding philosophy is to be Client-Centric – thinking of our clients first and foremost. We strive to establish great working relationships with owners and management teams that instill trust and mutual respect. We staff our projects with senior-level personnel to ensure they get direct access to both our best professionals and the deep transaction experience throughout our firm. Our teams work diligently and in close partnership with our clients to develop timely and successful closings, and when there are unforeseen bumps-in-the-road, we are supportive, creative and patient. In all engagements, we enjoy the opportunity and privilege of working alongside driven business executives and entrepreneurial leaders.
Our Managing Directors, Directors, Principals, Associates and Analysts have a diverse and broad experience level covering many industries. While we have experience in many diverse industries, each Managing Director has an industry sector in which they specialize. Primary focus sectors include: Technology, Education, Business Services, Industrials, and Consumer Products. We also have a significant experience level in multi-unit, consumer and agricultural businesses. Knowing our client’s industry and understanding their business is critical to strategically position the company, develop comprehensive buyers/investors lists, and engage in company-specific discussions that help to ensure a closing.
Our Managing Directors encompass a broad experience level and background mix which include the following: Chief Executive Officers, CFOs (public company), Corporate Business Developers, Investment Bankers, Accounting Professionals, and Private Equity/Venture investors. Our team also has broad governance and leadership experience as board members of over 80 private and public companies. For more on our management team click here.
Cherry Tree, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1980 as a private equity/venture capital firm. After successfully managing four partnerships during the 1980s and 1990s, the firm migrated to investment banking and wealth management as its main business lines. Our firm now specializes in serving business owners, driven management teams, and large corporations in M&A and other transactions that create value. Our founders, Gordon Stofer and Tony Christianson, have collectively been members on over 70 boards of directors, worked with hundreds of companies, and advised on hundreds of M&A and financing transactions in their 35+ years of partnership.