401K plans

401K Plans AND 403B Plans

We also help business owners with their retirement plans for their companies. We provide a wide variety of retirement plan solutions for clients that include 401K plans, as well as several more sophisticated types of retirement solutions and plans.

Why Cherry Tree Wealth Management? What makes us different?

In the 401K/403B retirement plan market, we have a competitive advantage of being independent, fee-only, and a registered investment advisory firm. By being independent, we have access to many of the top firms in the 401K market as strategic partners. We strive to help clients find the right retirement plan option and team of providers for their unique preferences and goals.

Employee Retirement Success = Savings + Diversified Model Portfolios

We are your Fiduciary Risk COO
Most business owners do not realize that they are fiduciaries for their retirement plan and could be held personally liable for it. Retirement plans are heavily regulated and complicated. We help business owners run their retirement plans “by the book” to reduce employer risk.

Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIAs) are key to success.

These are diversified, “do it for me,” age-appropriate, model portfolios — they feature:

  • Reduced fiduciary risk for employer
  • Elimination of most common investor mistakes
  • Increased participation rates and saving rates
  • An increase in the percent of employees reaching retirement success
  • Simplified investment and enrollment process
  • Employees in risk-appropriate age-based portfolios
Incremental annual participant returns are possible. We can add value through reduced investment costs and through superior portfolio construction using QDIAs. We can use low-cost passive funds in our 401K plans just like we do in the family wealth management business. This is an unique advantage in the 401K market. We can tilt our 401K QDIA retirement portfolios towards the areas of historical premium returns (small and value).

We emphasize low cost, passive, investment funds that reduce costs and eliminate the conflict of interest resulting from the “revenue sharing” which occurs with many 401K providers.

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